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We are small trade business owners.
Just like you.

At the core of Cradle Pay is our genuine desire to see small businesses succeed. 


Our founders have felt the direct impact that late and non payments have on a small trade business and that drives them and their team daily to build the best payments solution they can for all Australian Tradies.


Cradle is the brainchild of Founder Jake Adamsons and his partner, Kat Rushford. The initial concept was born out of pure frustration after suffering from one late payment after another while trying to run their own successful landscaping business.

After trying to keep their family fed, contractors paid and their heads above water they knew there had to be a better way to get paid on time.

They went in search for the solution but there was nothing out there. As they researched the impact late payments are having on our communities and uncovered the sheer magnitude of the burden it creates for individuals, families and communities, it became clear that they had to create the solution. 

Because everyone deserves to trade and get paid.

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