Welcome to Cradle Pay; The payment management system for Tradies, with a difference.

Our goal is to ensure trade and service providers are paid on time and in full for the works they complete.

It's that simple. Our solution is a custom payment management system designed specifically for trade and service projects which protects both the Tradie and their customer.

Cradle Pay represents an innovative way of doing business. It's a new concept that involves changing the way we trade, changing the way things have always been done. We're excited for the challenge and to move forward into a fairer future of doing business.


Create & send proposal

You draw up your proposal on the Cradle platform.

Here you nominate the number of payment Milestones throughout the project and let Cradle do the rest, automatically calculating the amounts due for each


Proposal is accepted by customer


Payment is 'Requested' by Contractor

Once your proposal is accepted, it  will be automatically generated into an 'active' Project on the Dashboard.

Once you're almost ready to start the Project you simply push a button to let us know so we can request, collect and secure the first Milestone payment from your customer. We recommend doing this  1 to 2 weeks prior to the starting the project.

Customer payment is collected and secured


Works commence

With the payment held securely, you have peace of mind knowing you will be paid upon completion. This allows you to focus on getting the job done well and in a timely manner.


Works are completed as agreed 


Payment 'Release' is requested

Having completed the agreed works for the Milestone, you now request the release of the payment. Cradle will prompt your customer and with the press of a button they can approve the release of their payment.

Customer does NOT agree to 'release'


Customer agrees to 'release'

Discussion is requested

If the customer doesn't approve the release of the payment, Cradle will ask them for a reason so that you can discuss their concerns directly and work towards a solution.

Cradle's support team is there to assist along the way until a solution is reached, including via our custom Dispute Resolution process if the issue isn't easily resolved.


Payment is released 

With a satisfied customer approving the release of the payment, you will see the funds in the nominated bank account as early as 1 business day.


Getting paid couldn't be easier.

No late payments. No chasing. No stress.

You're now ready to start the process and works for the next Milestone or project.



To ensure payments are made securely and in a timely manner we follow a custom process.

Kick back and relax! It's all automatic and you're notified every step of the way. 




When your customer accepts your quote and confirms they wish to proceed, we notify you. The 'Request' button will now be active and ready for you to select it when you're ready for us to collect your customers payment. We recommend requesting the first Milestone payment 1 to 2 weeks prior to starting the project. 

In case your customer forgets to pay straight away we'll set up automated reminders for you:





Payment 'request'


First reminder

Second reminder

Tradie notified

of non-payment




With the Milestone completed, you are now ready to activate the 'release' button. Once selected we will inform your customer that you've completed the Milestone works or project and are ready for them to approve the release of their payment.


Upon their approval, the payment is released straight away and will appear in your bank account within 1 business day.

Just in case they forget to action it we've set up the following automated reminder process:








Payment 'Release'

request sent   

First reminder

Second reminder

Third reminder

Cradle phones customer

Tradie notified of late release.

Option to lodge dispute through Cradle

Payment security and reliability

We have partnered with Stripe, industry leaders in payments technology, to ensure security and reliability for your project payments. Stripe also power payments for industry giants like Uber, Google and Amazon, so you know you're in trusted hands.

Your customers can choose to pay by direct bank transfer, credit card or debit card with the usual bank processing fees applied if paying by credit card.

Cradle runs a secure site with a valid certificate, we are PCI compliant and regularly perform vulnerability scans against our systems to maintain security.

Personal Information

Your and your customers personal details are kept safe and secure. We take our platforms security and your privacy seriously so all payment details, along with other personal information collected, is handled with care and respect and never shared with third parties.


We understand that occasionally not everyone sees eye to eye,
so we've built a custom dispute resolution process to help
achieve the best outcome in these situations for both Cradle
Tradies and their customers.

Disputes generally happen when there is a miscommunication
between two parties so we've set up all of Cradle's processes with
this in mind, ensuring open communication is maintained at
every step.

Our process allows you and your customer to resolve issues
early and easily, keeping time spent and costs down by avoiding
involving third party debt collectors or legal advice.

There are two stages to our Dispute Resolution process:

Stage 1 - Identify and negotiate

Cradle provides an online "communication room"  and step by step

guidance to assist in working towards an acceptable solution for both parties. 

Stage 2 - Cradle recommendation / external arbitration

If a solution is not accepted during Stage 1, Stage 2 provides a review of

the information at hand and a recommended solution. 

Our fee is a simple, and is only payable when you, the Contractor, is paid.

There are no monthly or extra charges.

There are no fixed terms or contracts. 

Simply pay as you go. 


Thanks for taking the time to look into the features of Cradle.


As soon as we launch you'll be one of the first to know. Keep a look out over the coming weeks and don't hesitate to get in touch in the meantime if you have any questions.