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Building a legacy, not just a business.

After the year we’ve all just endured, now more than ever Tradies and service business owners have their sights set on far greater business heights.

Once upon a time when a Tradie started their own business the focus was on putting food on their family’s table the best way they knew how, by getting on the tools. For some, it was the only way they knew how, and for others it was a way to not have to ‘work for the man’ and gain a little more freedom day-to-day.

With 2020 being the doozy that it was (and ‘21 looking like a close 2nd), life as we know it was flipped on its head and I’m comfortable saying on everyone’s behalf that we all learnt a lot from it, the good, the bad and the ugly! One thing it did teach us is that nothing is static, things can change in an instant, and we need to focus on what’s important to us and our families and really reach for the stars, because who knows, tomorrow it could all be flipped on its head again.

For Tradies, this has created great reflection and consideration of the way they trade and get paid. The focus has shifted from their predecessor’s mindset of just getting by, to one of yearning to create a legacy that their family will be proud to one day take the reins of.

However, building a business into a legacy that you’re proud of and willing to hand over is easier said than done. Afterall, do you really want to pass down the pain of having to spend 12+ hours at a desk each week chasing customers who haven’t paid on time? And, do you really want your kids to spend half their weekends behind the desk pushing out paperwork like you did when they were younger?

Surprisingly to some, even a few small tweaks can turn the burden of running a business into the dream of building a legacy. Employing the right support on site by way of a Site Supervisor will allow you to reduce your time on the tools so you can focus on leads and growing the business, and putting in place great tech support by way of automated systems and processes will see you well on your way to enhancing your business and cashflow so that you and your future generations thrive, not just survive.

We don’t suggest taking on all of the changes at once but rather focusing on one at a time. We recommend integrating our payment management system, Cradle Pay, to significantly reduce your admin hours, and using a project management software, like Fergus built specifically for Tradies. With even just these two changes you’ll be well on your way to making your operation the efficient beast you’ve always dreamed of.

Check out Cradle Pay here.

Check out Fergus here.

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