We get it, Cradle is a new concept, offering a whole new way to trade and get paid, so we expect you might have some questions. 

We've done our best to cover off on as many as we could below but if in doubt, gives us a shout!


We'd love to hear from you so send us an email or give us a call to go through the finer detail. 

Either email at enquiries@cradlepay.com or call on 1300 339 608

Is Cradle just another accounting platform?

Yeah, nah. We do all that jazz that other platforms do like invoicing and providing a payment gateway but where we shine is in the extra detail and level of care.


We manage and collect regular interval payments throughout the life of each project making sure you get paid fairly from go to whoa, we send payment reminders so you don't have to, we are your businesses face for financial communications (think, online bookkeeper!) and we have those awkward conversations about payments so you don't have to. And if you run into any strife with a tricky customer along the way, we're here to support you with advice and solutions.

Would Cradle work for me?

Yes, if you’re an Australian registered business with an ABN being paid for providing a trade or service. Regardless of the size of your business Cradle can help get you paid on time and in full.

When should I use Cradle?

If you are undertaking any works of a substantial amount or if you don't know your customer, we recommended using Cradle to secure your payment before commencing. This protects your business and allows you to focus on your craft without worrying about getting paid, but it also shows the customer that you're committed to the project and plan to see it through to the end, completing it at the high standard which they've been promised.

Am I locked into a contract?

No, that's not how we roll. We understand that not all projects will suit Cradle and that's ok, so we've set the system up so you can pay as you go and use it for the projects you choose to.

Where are the payments held and are they safe?

Our payment system is safe, secure and reliable. We have partnered with Stripe, an industry leader in payments technology to ensure security and reliability. Stripe also power payments for other industry leaders such as Uber and AirBnB.

Yours and your customers personal details are kept safe and secure also. Cradle runs a secure site with a valid certificate. We are PCI compliant and regularly perform vulnerability scans against our systems.

We take our platform's security and your privacy very seriously. All payment details, along with all of your other information, is handled with care and respect and never shared with third parties.


When and how do I pay the service fee? 

Your service fee will only be taken once you've been paid. Once your customer approves the release of your payment it will be deposited into your bank account minus the Cradle Pay service fee. If a customer payment needs to refunded you will not be charged the service fee on that transaction.

How do I request a payment to be held and released?

It's actually really simple. Within each project you have the ability to select 'Request' for new payments. The customer receives an email and SMS which guides them through the payment process at their end. You'll be notified when their payment has been made and being held securely by us. 

 How can my customer pay? 

We accept credit card, debit card and direct bank transfer payments.


All payments are made easily via the link sent to your customer via Cradle and are managed by Stripe, our payments partner. Stripe are an industry leader in payments technology ensuring security and reliability. Stripe also power payments for other industry leaders such as Uber and AirBnB.  

What happens if there's a dispute between me and a customer?

Not everything is smooth sailing all the time but we're here to help when it gets a little rocky! We have created a custom dispute resolution process to help you resolve any issues with your customers that might arise. 

Can I add a variation to a project while it's in progress?

Variations happen on the regular and adding one within Cradle is simple. This can be managed within the specific project where you'll find the 'Variation' button to add any new milestones. Variations are then treated as milestones with payment collection, securing and release.

I'm doing a job for a customer I trust and don't need to secure payment, can I still use Cradle?

Yes. We understand in some case you will have worked with a customer before and trust they'll pay on time. We also understand that flicking between two different accounting systems is annoying so we've allowed for you to run a limited number of free transactions through Cradle exactly for these situations. 

Your customer can pay you via a standard external bank transfer but their project can still be recorded in Cradle, so when it comes to 'end of month' all of your projects will be summarised in Cradle. You won't have access to the full Cradle suite such as our dispute resolution, automatic payment reminders or SMS notifications. 

This payment option can be selected when setting up the project in Cradle.




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