From time to time disputes may arise.

Cradle is here to support you through the good and the not so good with our custom dispute resolution process.


The step-by-step process works to ensure great communication between you and your customers in order to reach an agreed solution, quickly and effectively, avoiding unnecessary costs.

1 - Collection of relevant information

Once a formal dispute is raised, the Cradle team will gather all relevant documents and information from the platform to assist in the resolution process.

2 - Communication and negotiation process

This step encourages the Tradie and their customer to put forward potential solutions for an agreed outcome.

3 - Recommendation and final outcome

If an agreed solution is not reached, Cradle provides an unbiased recommendation for consideration by both parties.

4 - External arbitration

If an agreement is still not reached, Cradle will distribute the information package including all communication, to both parties and recommend they seek external arbitration to finalise the matter.

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